SuperSpeed Golf Training System


  • Designed specifically for beginning golfers ages 8-10
  • Includes 3 specifically weighted clubs and online video instruction
  • Players will learn to maximize the speed, power, and consistency of their golf swing.
  • Take advantage of speed development windows by training when young

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Superspeed GolfSuperspeed Golf

Superspeed GolfSuperspeed Golf

Superspeed GolfSuperspeed Golf

Gain 5%-8% in swing speed

OverSpeed training works by making the body move faster during a known movement pattern to reset the normal reaction speed of the body.

The science involves reducing the overall weight of the club to allow the player to create a faster swing speed. By starting with the light club first, the player will create much faster speeds during the training. With our detailed and tested training protocols, we see a 5% gain in swing speed in about 6 weeks of regular practice.

Five levels of free online training protocols included

We provide almost 2 years’ worth of training content that will allow you to see increases in club head speed over the course of 5 levels of protocols. In addition, we have created 3 Advanced Speed Development protocols to individualized your training at week 20. Training protocols are freely available for viewing.

Increased energy transfer in the golf swing

Golf is a very one-sided sport. We make tremendous amounts of swings on our dominant side during practice and when we play the game. This creates an imbalance between the muscles on the opposite sides of the body. Over time this can lead to lack of stability, decreased power production, and in some cases, pain. Making non-dominant swings during our protocols can start to balance the function of the body.

Superspeed GolfSuperspeed Golf

SuperSpeed Golf Superspeed Gold SuperSpeed Golf Superspeed Golf Superspeed Golf Superspeed Golf
Men’s Set Ladies’ Set Senior Set Junior Set All-Star Set Pee Wee Set
Description 3 Clubs – 45” Light, Medium, Heavy 3 Clubs – 45” Superlight, Light, Medium 3 Clubs – 45” Superlight, Light, Medium 3 Clubs – 41” Superlight, Light, Medium 3 Clubs – 38” Light, Medium, Heavy 3 Clubs – 30” Light, Medium, Heavy
Swing Speed >85mph <85 mph <85mph <85mph
Driver Shaft >60grams <60grams <60grams <85mph


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