Radius Garden 22011 Root Slayer Shovel, (Red)


  • Serrated shovel designed for reducing stress on your hands and wrist
  • Digging shovel with V-shaped cutting tip to easily rip roots and dirt
  • Garden digging shovel with durable powder-coated carbon steel tip
  • Sturdy tip suitable for any garden task- not meant for prying
  • Lifetime manufacturer (continental US only)

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Radius Garden 22011 Root Slayer Shovel, (Red)
Radius Garden 22011 Root Slayer Shovel, (Red)


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Product description

Style:Root Slayer

This digging shovel is a multi-purpose gardening tool to make outdoor tasks easier for you. It has a V-shaped tip that is tough enough to rip through hard dirt and roots. Digging up plants and grasses has never been easier. This heavy duty shovel can easily get things done for you. Your green garden needs a 3-in-1 tool that is a shovel, root hatchet, and root saw. The Root Slayer is a durable and convenient tool for the outdoors.

From the manufacturer

radius garden root slayer ergo ergonomic arthritis hand tool yard lawn plant dirt dig handheld

Radius Garden innovates your average gardening tools for a comfortable gardening experience. You and your green garden can benefit from our designs and durable garden tools. We believe that gardening is for everyone, so we also create gardening tools easily maneuverable tool and arthritis sufferers.

This tough cutting shovel can rip through tough roots with its sharp saw teeth.

Root Slayer shovel makes tasks easier in your green garden. You don’t need several tools since this small garden shovel has a multi-purpose design

Radius Garden razor shovel is perfect for creating trenches to prepare your soil for planting that can be difficult if you are working with clay or hard-packed soil. The Radius Garden sawtooth shovel allows you to dig with precision conveniently. The innovative design provides you with a multi-functional tool that functions as a hatchet or saw. Stubborn roots will be no match for this root saw shovel. This digging spade also has a sturdy blade that can last a lifetime.

Strong and durable powder coated carbon steel blade that cuts deeper and makes it easier to scrape out weeds and their roots

The right tool can relieve or prevent arm, hand and wrist fatigue

Gardening doesn’t have to be difficult. Gardening injuries can happen. But, you can prevent it by using the right tools fit for the job. This transplanting spade combines several tools in one so you don’t have to change tools in the middle of your gardening. You can now do more in your green garden since this garden shovel with teeth gives you comfort and convenience.

Blade made of powder-coated carbon steel

The blade of this root slayer is made of durable carbon steel that is shock, scratch, and impact-resistant. This blade powder-coated to protect it from corrosion due to the different soil conditions in the outdoors. It requires minimal maintenance because it only needs to be wiped clean after each use. You can expect long-lasting and reliable performance from this root slayer since its powder-coated carbon steel blade will not chip, crack, peel or corrode.

Sharpened Inverted-V edge

Unlike your conventional shovel, the Radius Garden root assassin shovel has a sharpened inverted-V edge to make it easier to penetrate hard-packed soil and slay roots. A traditional garden shovel has smooth sides but the sides of the Root Slayer are like a saw that can easily cut through roots that get in the way. The inverted-V edge focuses your force on the target area so you can easily dig through the soil. This blade shape also allows you to dig with precision.

Wide Foot Placement Spot

To make sure that your dig shovel can penetrate the soil, the Radius Garden root tool has a wide foot placement so you can effectively push the shovel into the soil to prepare your garden for planting. This wide foot placement spot also prevents the razor shovel from slipping under your shoe, so that you can dig with precision. The Radius gardening shovel makes digging easy for you.

Root destroyer shovel that is up for any tough outdoor job

This convenient Root Slayer may look unconventional, but this innovative design can make gardening easy for you. Tough outdoor jobs require multi-purpose tools to maintain your green garden. You don’t need several tools to dig a trench through thick layers of roots in the soil. This Root Slayer is available in 2 sizes to fit your gardening needs.


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