Mermaid Geode ring box


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    Mermaid Geode ring box
    Mermaid Geode ring box


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    Mermaid geode boxes !

    These Beautiful geode boxes have been treated with an chemical fusion of pure Gold and other titanium metals to create a beautiful Aura effects on the facets of the geode box which brings a beautiful rainbow of sparkling colors on the surface of the geode as it comes in contact with light .These geodes are 100% natural and the fusions of crystals and metals only increases healing and power.

    Our Aura collection is extremely popular for proposals , Wedding ring holders and general gift giving .

    Beautiful aura finish geode boxes with drilled in brass fittings available in silver and gold !!

    This beautiful geode jewelry box is made from a Natural geode that is Titanium plated with a patent pending drilled hinge.

    Great for a memorable proposal, engagement photos, or just a great gift box for any small item!

    The inside cavity of this geode is pictured with a size 9 woman’s ring, but are great for other small gifts such as bridesmaids gifts, necklaces, etc.

    b) Material: Agates Geode c) Size: about 2.5″-3” irregularity, each ring box of shape is natural so patterns, colors, and sizes may vary.

    d) some boxes are big enough to hold two rings or even a necklace and earring set!!

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