MaxKare Magnetic Rowing Machine Folding Exercise Rower 16-Level Tension Resistance Precise Display Panel with Storage Box Quite for Home Use


  • DIGITAL DISPLAY PANEL- The Large LCD console displays time, count, calories, total count with Scan mode which displays your progress to assist you in tracking all your fitness goal.
  • EXTRA LONG SLIDE RAIL – The slide rail length rowing machine is 49 inches and 45 inches in inseam length, this model is suitable for 6’5” people.
  • 16 LEVELS RESISTANCE – Subtle control of the magnetic resistance from 1-16, suitable for whole family use. Suggested use for 30 mins at a time.
  • PADDLED HANDLES & CUSHIONED SEAT – Non-Slip foam grip handlebar and large seat offer a great comfortable using experience and make work-out more enjoying.
  • NON-SLIP FOOT PEDALS – Large, textured pedals with safety straps provide users with a non-slip surface and the security of high-quality straps, your feet remain in place throughout your rowing routine

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16-Level Adjustable Resistance16-Level Adjustable Resistance

Comfortable Cushion SeatComfortable Cushion Seat

Magnetic Control FlyeheelMagnetic Control Flyeheel

Multi-Funtional LCD Monitor

The Rower’s Display Panel shows the data of Calorie, Reps/min, Time, Count and Total Count, tracking your training data during work-out.

16-Level Adjustable Resistance

Easy operation, customizing your workout plan more accurate.

Suggested use it for no less than 30 min at a time.

Comfortable Cushion Seat

Comfortable and Large seat provides a soft condition and brings great rowing experience.

Magnetic Control Flyeheel

Experience a smooth, steady pedal stroke with the Inertia-Enhanced flywheel made to perform.


Portable and Space Saving Design

Moving this elliptical out of the way is fast and easy with the front-mounted wheels and keep your rower stable on an uneven surface.Compact size gets the workout you need without sacrificing precious space.

rowing machinerowing machine

rowing machinerowing machine

rowing machinerowing machine

rowing machinerowing machine


At the front of the machine, ready to drive and produce force through the feet.

Hands ought to be gripped with the thumb around the handle, placed in line with the width of the individual’s shoulders, arms straight.

Lean in slightly, with a tall chest to where the shoulders are just ahead of the hips, or on a clock face, the body is at about 11 o’clock.


The row stroke has three primary mechanisms to produce power.

In order they are the legs, hips, and finally the arms.

Keep in mind that although the name of the machine is a “rower,” this is a leg dominant movement.

Without overthinking it, the legs initiate the drive by begin extending, pushing the upper body away from the front of the rower much like the start of a deadlift breaking the barbell off the floor.

Once the hands have transitioned past the feet, the hips start to swing back, moving the torso from that 11 o’clock angle towards the 1 o’clock angle.

Finally in the sequence, the arms bend, bringing the handle in towards the torso.

The drive sequence is Legs -> Hips -> Hands.


With straight and firm legs, having just been extended all the way.

Torso angle now has a slight backwards lean, opposite of the catch position.

This lean puts the body at 1 o’clock with the hands pulled in just below the solar plexus.

Shoulders are down and relaxed with elbows neither winged out or jammed in at your side.

Elbows need to be near the body as if you had a grapefruit between your elbow and your side, with forearms and wrist parallel to the floor.

This is the finish position phase of the row stroke.


The recovery sequence is Hands -> Hips -> Legs.

maxkare rowing machine maxkare rowing machine maxkare rowing machine maxkare rowing machine

Magnetic Rowing Machine

Water Rowing Machine

Air Rowing Machine

Air Rowing Machine

Tension System





Levels of Resistance

16 Levels


Max Weight Capacity

243 LBS

264 LBS

264 LBS

220 LBS

Digital Monitor

Time, Count, Calories, Total count

Time, SPM (stroke per minute), Distance, Strokes, Calories and Man-machine competition mode

Scan, Count, Time, Calories and Distance

Speed, Time, Count, Total count and Calories

Slide Rail Material





Transport Wheels


Bottle Holder

Inseam Length

45 inches

44 inches

43 inches

42 inches

Shipping Weight

64 lbs

86 lbs

64 lbs

57.3 lbs


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