FilterBuy 25x25x4 Air Filter MERV 8, Pleated HVAC AC Furnace Filters (4-Pack, Silver)


  • The FilterBuy replacement air filter 25x25x4 (actual measurements: 24.5″ x 24.5″ x 3.75″) ensures that your furnace, air conditioner, or HVAC system is circulating the cleanest air possible to help preserve your budget and healthy lifestyle
  • MERV 8 synthetic media (comparable with Clean Living Dust Defense MPR 300 – 600) is recommended in most scenarios due to its capability to trap 90% of airborne particles, protecting your home or business from debris, lint, pollen, mold, dander, and other forms of dust without impacting air flow
  • High-quality construction features an electrostatically charged, pleated design that captures more harmful particles and prolongs the products lifespan by 3 times that of fiberglass models
  • Industrial-grade beverage board frames paired with dual wire backings outperform traditional cardboard compositions by improving structural integrity with their ability to endure temperatures up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit
  • All components are 100% manufactured within the United States and designed with recyclable materials providing an eco-friendly alternative to enhancing air quality

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FilterBuy 25x25x4 Air Filter MERV 8, Pleated HVAC AC Furnace Filters (4-Pack, Silver)
FilterBuy 25x25x4 Air Filter MERV 8, Pleated HVAC AC Furnace Filters (4-Pack, Silver)


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Product description

The AFB Silver MERV 8 furnace / air filter is the most commonly purchased replacement filter by AirFilterBuy.

The AFB Silver filters pollen, mold, dust mites, and other particles that are up to the size of ‘pudding mix’ that you might buy at the grocery store.

We recommend the AFB Silver Merv 8 filter for basic home and residential use.

It will protect your AC / furnace system, while offering adequate filtration to keep your home dust and pollen free.

Whenever you are choosing an air filter, make sure that you compare the nominal and actual size of the furnace filter that you are replacing.

In this case, the ‘nominal’ size of the filter is 25x25x4 while the ‘actual’ size of the filter is 24.5 x 24.5 x 3.75.

Generally, the nominal size is rounded and in bigger print while the actual size is in smaller print and in parenthesis to the side.

The AFB Silver MERV 8 filter is designed to last 3 months, or 3 times the average fiberglass filter.

The filters ship directly from the manufacturer to your doorstep, allowing AFB the ability to offer a premium product at a reasonable price.

Each quantity purchased is for a pack of 4 filters.

Note that AFB filters come in AFB Bronze (Merv 6), AFB Silver (Merv 8), AFB Gold (Merv 11), and AFB Platinum (Merv 13).

The most commonly used filter for home or business use is the AFB Silver (Merv 8).

If you have pets or allergies we recommend the AFB Gold (Merv 11).

If you have asthma or other respiratory illness, we recommend the Merv 13.

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