Exercise Bike Recumbent Spin Cycling Bike Indoor Cycle Stationary Workout Equipment with Pulse W/LCD Display and Adjustable Foot for Home Office


  • ✌↗Real-time understanding of your health↗ Our exercise bike with a data monitor, can let us know our real-time data in the exercise process, the monitor can track time, distance, scanning, speed, burning calories. You can see your results on the recumbent bike to keep pace and momentum and remember the calories you burn.exercise bike recumbent bike cycling bike.
  • ✌↗Adjustable height grips and benches↗ Our exercise bikes are equipped with adjustable knobs below the front handles and rear seats . In the process of using the recumbent bike, you can adjust the knobs to reach the appropriate position. The seat cushion of the cycling bike can be adjusted back and forth to help you reach the most comfortable position. when you ride for a long time, you can exercise and stay comfortable.Upright bikes are suitable for 5-6 feet.recumbent bike cycling bike exercis
  • ✌↗Easy to move↗ There have two rollers in the front of the exercise bike. When you need to move the recumbent bike, you can hold the two handles of the cycling bike and press them down. Then you will find it easier to push it. We recommend that you use our products in the gym and other relatively empty places.cycling bike exercise bike recumbent bike.
  • ✌↗Adjustable resistance↗ Our exercise bike has resistance system. We can adjust different resistance by turning the resistance knob in the middle of the cycling bike, so that you can feel different training difficulties, and provide you with a real and real road experience.exercise bike cycling bike recumbent bike.
  • ✌↗Enjoyable cycling experience↗ The rubber sponge grip of the exercise bike can give you a comfortable cycling experience and prolong your cycling time. Cage pedals prevent foot slippage and provide more support when pedaling. Recumbent bike can support up to 220 pounds. If there is any quality problem in our cycling bike, please contact us at the first time.cycling bike recumbent bike exercise bike.

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22lbs Flywheel

The 22 lbs flywheel can help you simulate the track more realistically and keep you in a stable and safe state during the ride.

Even at home, you can enjoy a real outdoor riding experience.

Adjustable Resistance

By adjusting the knob to adjust the resistance of the fitness bike in the process of cycling, to bring a more real experience, if you are a crazy bike enthusiast, then I think greater resistance is more suitable for you, and if you just want to experience cycling, then we suggest you start with low resistance.

Digital Monitor

Exercise bikes are equipped with LCD display, which can display real-time time time, speed, distance, burning calories, and odometer.

When riding, you can check the display to know your exercise status.

Transportation Wheels

The two rollers at the bottom of the product can help you move the exercise bike more conveniently.

Just tilt the bike and you can start moving.

You can move the cycling bike anywhere you want and turn your home into a gym.





Cage Pedals

Solid and durable foot pedals consist of PU foot sheath and alloy pedal, which can make your foot and pedal more fit in the course of riding, while alloy pedal will greatly increase the support for you.

Bottle Holder

In the process of sports, you can put a bottle of functional drink or a bottle of water that you like.

It’s just in the place you can reach.

It’s very convenient.

Adjustable Seat

For different groups of users, our seats can be adjusted up and down as well as back and forth.

By adjusting the two control knobs, we can adjust the seats to the appropriate position.

Push-down emergency brake

When you ride at high speed and stop pedaling, the flywheel can’t stop immediately because it’s a freewheel design.

At this time, you can use our push-down emergency brake to help you stop the flywheel quickly.


Exercise bike is a very meaningful product, why do we say so, because we can exercise by using recumbent bike.

If you live in a big city and the traffic is very heavy, but you want to exercise by bicycle, indoor cycling bike is a good choice.


Data monitor can provide real-time data such as time, speed, distance, burning calories, heart rate and so on.

Rubber sponge grips can give you a more comfortable ride experience.

Cage pedals can provide you with more support to ensure your safety during the ride.

The kettle in the front of the seat can provide you with water in time during your ride.

The two rollers in the front of the gym make it very easy to move the gym.

Adjustable Grip and cushions ensure that you find place for your exercise.

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