Crock-pot 8-Quart Multi-Use XL Express Crock Programmable Slow Cooker with Manual Pressure, Boil & Simmer, 8QT, Stainless Steel


  • Spacious 8 quart size feeds 10 plus people, making it a time saving appliance for larger families or entertaining
  • All in 1 appliance with additional functions like Pressure Cook, Slow Cook, Brown, Sauté, Steam, as well as Boil and Simmer
  • Manual Pressure function lets you set any cooking time at either high or low pressure, allowing you to customize recipes
  • Make a variety of quick, healthy meals at a touch of a button, like chili, soups, grains, and more by using any of the convenient 1 touch meal settings
  • Nonstick cooking pot resists stuck on food and is dishwasher safe, simplifying your cleanup and making it great for 1 pot cooking
  • Accessories include recipe book, steaming rack, and serving spoon

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Product description

The Crock pot 8 quart express crock XL programmable Multi Cooker can cook meals at a fraction of the time that traditional cooking requires.

It’s a versatile, compact appliance that lets you serve nutritious, home cooked meals for families or parties of 10 people or more.

Thanks to convenient one touch settings for various pressure cooked meals, You can choose to eat sooner, or you can use the slow cook setting to come back later to a delicious, hot meal.

You can also steam, Brown, sauté, simmer, boil, or use the manual pressure setting, making one pot meals easier than ever.

From the manufacturer


Crock-Pot Express 6 Quart Easy Release Pressure Cooker with 13 One Touch Programs, Stainless Steel

Pressure Cook, Slow Cook, Brown/Sauté, Boil, Simmer, and Steam with the Crock-Pot Express Easy Release. With 13 One-Touch Programs, you can pressure cook foods up to 70% faster than a conventional oven, or slow cook for delicious, hot meals ready when you are. New functions like Manual Pressure, Simmer, and Boil will take your cooking to the next level! Customize recipes with your own pressure setting and cook time using Manual Pressure. Select Simmer to cook gently and slowly or thicken sauces, and Boil to create more one-pot dishes. Also, enjoy convenient features like Delay Timer and the Status Bar that illuminates to track pressurization and preheat progress before cooking begins. Easily prepare any recipe on the menu using one versatile appliance!

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Easy Release Steam Dial

On most electric pressure cookers, your hand gets close to the steam when releasing pressure. With Crock-Pot Express Easy Release, your hand stays clear of the hot steam without the fuss of oven mitts and kitchen utensils.

Convenient Features

Delay the start of cooking for hot meals that fit into your schedule and use the Status Bar to track the progress of pressurization and preheat before cooking begins.

Large Capacity

6-quart capacity serves 7+ people to create home-cooked meals for the entire family.


Additional Convenient Features

Easy Release: Safely release pressure without the need for oven mitts or additional utensils.

Status Bar: Illuminates to help track pressurization and preheat progress.

3 Custom Settings: Manual Pressure, Simmer, and Boil.


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